Two Tourists in El Salvador

El Salvador is not the backpacker paradise where neighbours Nicaragua and Guatemala are famous for. Travel cautiously because gangs are still active in the country. That being said, nothing will happen to you and you have the whole country for yourself. Most other tourists are born in the country, and nature can be discovered untouched by mass-tourism.

Banff National Park

Before our arrival to Banff National Park during our world trip, we never even heard of this village. Now however the name does ring a bell and provokes wonderful memories of an amazing time spend here. Thank you Banff National Park!

Jasper National Park

Jasper is a name that recalls beautiful memories with a lot of people from all over the world, not only with the Canadian people. A little bit less touristy than Banff NP, but at least of the same beauty! Especially worth bringing a visit once in your short life to this beautiful peace of land. We stayed 4 days in Jasper, but could easily spend 2 more weeks here filling our days with adventures!

YOHO National Park

Their is only a difference of one letter between Yoho en Yolo. It is the kind of Nationaal Park where they don’t take their rules that strict as in other more visited parks in USA and Canada. That gives you the opportunity to go explore some beautiful hidden secrets of the beaten path. The destination will stay a beautiful memory that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Living like a local in Vancouver

Discover Vancouver like the locals and move yourself away from the touristy city center towards the green surroundings. Vancouver is an international city where its Canadian identity is less visible as on Vancouver Island, but after 5 days of visiting all the hidden spots, we still weren’t ready to leave!

Tofino city of hippies – 150 years of Canada

During 7 months we will follow the mighty west coast of the Americas. Our first experience with the great Pacific Ocean was one for the records. Tofino is the most western part of Canada, and we had an absolute blast in this little town!

BC Capital Victoria – Hitchhiking to Ucluelet

Our first experience with the beautiful Vancouver Island was a succes. We took our time to explore the sights of the Victoria harbour, the culture and the most hospital people on planet earth.

Mandalay -surroundings

If you would ask us, travellers can find the beauty of Mandalay in its surroundings. Discover the ancient culture and the origins of the grand city. Beautiful pictures guaranteed!

Mandalay by bike

Mandalay, a royal city in the center of a magical country. Outside the city center lie the ancient relics while the city center is trying to identify itself as a modern, international metropolis.